Adapting to Climate Change

Adaptation is about changing the way we live, to better take advantage of challenges and opportunities arising from inevitable changes in climate.  Adaptation may require changes in how we build our roads and buildings to ensure that our infrastructure is designed to withstand new climate conditions. It may also require changes in how we prepare for, and respond to, extreme events like storms, floods and droughts, since these impacts are expected to worsen.

Why should we adapt?

  • Prevent costly damages – it is usually more cost-effective to prevent damages from occurring in the first place rather than having to pay for damages after the fact.
  • Seize emerging opportunities – tourism for example, may expand in the summer months or farmers may be able to grow new crops that they couldn’t grow before.
  • Lessen liability - by taking action to lessen the impacts of climate change on vulnerable groups or systems, we can ensure that due diligence has been taken.
  • Enhance resilience – the more adaptable we are to changing circumstances, the more resilient our institutions, our structures, and our people will be.